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Clifton proposed to Sara in front of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion on the evening of March 16, 2012. The couple planned a seemingly spontaneous trip to Little Rock, Arkansas for Spring Break to celebrate all that was to happen leading up to that week - events such as Sara's sitting for the Alabama Bar, Clifton's previous football season accomplishments, and mostly a break from reality!

Before their Friday got started, Clifton let Sara know that they had to meet in the main house of the bed-and-breakfast where they stayed (The Empress of Little Rock) around 8:00pm. Their evening was fairly free, so Sara had no problem with the addition to the schedule. Around 6:30pm, Sara started getting ready to head out. She noticed Clifton had been sitting in the same spot since they returned to their suite a couple hours earlier, but she didn't think too much of this. A random conversation started, which turned into Clifton giving Sara a walk through history, telling her more details about his grandparents growing up in Mississippi. This made Sara wonder why is he telling her all this, but she listened and took it all in.

They make it to the main house and are greeted by the innkeeper who is excitedly gathering blankets and beverages for the horse-drawn carriage ride (the innkeeper let that part slip prematurely!). It was a good thing the innkeeper let the secret slip, however - Sara has an allergy to horses. She quickly found an allergy pill to take BEFORE the ride began.The driver was awesome and polite, and even brought along her little puppy (another reason Sara was VERY happy she took an allergy pill beforehand).

As they approached the Governor's Mansion, the two asked the driver to park and allow them to take photos. When they arrived at the gates, the mansion guards saw their tourist acts and kindly cut the spotlight on. To Sara's surprise, their picture in front of the mansion turned into the carriage driver videoing Clifton singing a snippet of Whitney Houston's "I Believe in You and Me" and dropping to one knee. The moment was capped off by the guards sending a great "Congratulations!" over the intercom! An absolutely priceless and perfect proposal!



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